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I Would Very Much Like To Be Kimberley Garner's Dog For a Day

I couldn't be more opposite of religious, but if Kimberley Garner wants to preach something about Adam and Eve motivating her to hang around naked in her pool who am I to object? I could pretend to believe in the whole Adam and Eve thing and all that hocus pocus if it meant being in the presence of one Kimberley Garner.   

A dog's life in general must be so cool. Zero responsibilities whatsoever. Just lay around and do your own thing until you feel like going for a walk or peeing. Kimberley Garner's dog? Just hang around and admire her work. What a life. Gimme that for a day over being my own miserable self. That's happiness. That's nirvana. 

How are there people who look like this in real life? Happy Friday folks.