Enjoy Morgan Freeman Explaining To You The Difference Between Snitches And Rats

You may have read this earlier but our guy Pat wrote about how the G.O.A.T Morgan Freeman narrated the intro to 21 Savage and Metro Boomin's newest project 'Savage Mode 2'. Not only did Morgan open the gates to Savage Mode 2, but he pretty much speaks throughout the entire project towards the end of each song. He even got his own interlude halfway through the project. I understand you guys might not be the biggest 21 Savage/Metro fans in the world, and that's fine! You don't have to be a fan of any of these artists to enjoy Mr. Freeman explaining the difference between a snitch and a rat.

"A regular citizen who reports seeing a crime isn't a "snitch" or a "rat," the criminals were just sloppy
Snitches and rats are not the same thing, let me break it down to make sure y'all see what I mean
A "snitch" is someone minding other folks' business
To find information they can sell for a price or trade for some other form of compensation
A "rat" is a traitor, a conceiver, planner or physical participator
He doesn't sell secrets for power or cash, he betrays the trust of his team or his family hoping to save his own cowardly ass
The difference is, at least a snitch is human, but a rat is a fuckin' rat, period"

A rat is a fucking rat. Period. Amazing. Never in a million years would I imagine God from Evan Almighty (Bruce Almighty for the older gents) hopping on Savage Mode project and defining a word that 6ix9ine is known to be, and defining a word that Marty Mush has popularized. I love how that thunder sound or whatever you want to call it drops right when Morgan says "is a traitor". 

In conclusion, Savage Mode 2 slaps and Morgan Freeman is a living legend. I will be bumping Savage Mode 2 all night long until I get a DM like this and will quickly transition to Bryson Tiller's latest album 'Anniversary'.