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Steph Curry Is Preparing For The NBA Finals By Riding Around On A Mini Horse



Steph Curry can do no wrong.  He’s the People’s Champ.  He’s the MVP, his daughter is adorable, he can shoot the fucking lights out and now he’s riding mini horses before the NBA Finals start*.  He’s the best.  Especially since he came pretty much outta nowhere.  Nobody thought That Kid From Davidson Who Made An NCAA Tournament Run That One Year was gonna turn into this.  I’m glad it did though because this gonna be a super fun NBA Finals to watch.  And not to pile on the LeBron hate, because we already do a lot of that here, but no way in hell LeBron is out there riding mini horses if he took a fall like Steph took (the one where he almost broke his neck in a bunch of spots, that fall).  LeBron would be Instagramming pictures of himself in some frozen chamber that us normal people don’t even know exists saying how tough he is or some shit. Go Warriors.



*The NBA Finals not starting until next Thursday is the dumbest fucking thing in the world by the way.  Like, what? The final game of Warriors/Rockets was on Wednesday.  Why do we have to wait a full 8 days before seeing more NBA action?  And I know people will say “It’s about the money or TV or viewers” or whatever.  I don’t care.  I’m gonna forget who’s in the Finals by the time they start.  Not really because it should be an awesome Finals but you get what I’m saying.