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EA Sports Is Officially Kind Of Bringing Back NHL 94. Play Brass Bonanza!

All I hear anybody talking about is what a dog shit the year 2020 has been. But out of nowhere in the 4th quarter of the year, here comes EA Sports to save the day and bring back the closest thing to NHL 94 possible. The music, the menu, the graphics, the everything. I'd imagine that gameplay will be pretty much the same. Really the only thing we have to figure out is which player is going to get the Jeremy Roenick treatment. There are so many stars in the NHL today to choose from. It could be McDavid, it could be Matthews, they could go with Ovi since he's the cover athlete. But somebody has to be just ridiculously better than every other player in the game or else it's not the real thing. Like comically better. So much better that it's damn near impossible to lose a game when that player is on the team you are playing with. Even Gretzky in his prime was no match for NHL 94 Jeremy Roenick. 

All time great movie scene alert. Perhaps the greatest sports scene in any movie ever. At the very least, it's the most relatable. Hanging with the fellas, drinking some beers, playing some Chel, and one friend wanting to beat the shit out of the other because he's getting absolutely dusted on the sticks. Swingers was lightyears ahead of its time. 

But yeah. I'm somewhat decent at Chel, maybe like a .500 online player so nothing great but not god awful. With that being said, I'm down to never play a single second of NHL 21 and just spend the next few months of my life playing countless hours of NHL 94 Rewind.