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Street Racing Ferraris In Dubai Seemed Like a Good Idea At The Time


Dubai life isn’t for the timid. It’s not enough to just have a Ferrari over there, that’s bush league shit. You’re a fucking poor person if you don’t have a Ferrari. And nobody likes a poor person, especially in Dubai. If you can’t take a million dollar bill out of your wallet and light it on fire you can’t even get a timeshare on their man-made ocean. So if you aren’t street racing your Ferrari F12, you best be stepping. And therein lies the problem with Dubai life. It’s never good enough. The guy that crashed the car probably experienced a new high for the first time in a long time. Now he’s going to have to crash every car. And then after that, who knows what? Probably start driving them off bridges. That’s why I’m comfortable with my middle class life. Because the second I go down the road of degenerate behavior, it’s full speed ahead. It’s like chasing losses at a casino. After you’ve played the 25 dollar blackjack tables, you need to start playing the 50 dollar minimum bet tables to feel that rush again. And then it’s all down hill from there. Dubai is the same way but turned up to 11.