Bronny James Being Predicted To Commit To Duke Makes Me Want To Throw Up, Swallow It And Yak All Over The Place Again

[Source] - On Wednesday, the recruiting website released its initial composite rankings of the top high school men's basketball prospects in the Class of 2023. Coming in at No. 19 on the list was Bronny James, the oldest son of NBA legend LeBron James. 

A real source of intrigue was the logo on James' profile. According to 247's Crystal Ball, James is projected to commit to Duke when the time comes for a decision. 

All things considered this is the grossest fucking news I can think of when it comes to college hoops. What do you do when you take the son of the most annoying NBA player of all time and combine him with a rat faced fuck? You get this. Actually, the more I think of it the more I sort of want this to happen because America will come together and remember why they hate Duke in the first place. It won't be a Zion type year where they are cool. Oh, no. We will hate together. Well, unless you're Marty, Capt. Cons, Hank or Rico. What a ragtag group of Duke fans we have here. 

I just can’t think of two more ‘me’ guys than K and LeBron. Sure, K wants you to think he’s this all about Duke first guy. But, he’s a K guy. There’s a reason he lectures other teams. There's a reason he goes into opposing locker rooms. There's a reason he lost his shit on the Cameron Crazies. And LeBron? Well,

I’d do anything for LeBron to get pissed at K during a game and try to make his way to the bench. This is all I keep thinking about after people keep talking about the best events that Twitter missed. If Twitter is still around in 2022 I need something like this to happen. LeBron just crashing a team huddle from the behind the bench because K benches Bronny or some shit. Give me that. 

Oh and for everyone saying Coach K stayed on with Team USA because he loves the country? There’s no benefit to being tied to Team USA. This isn’t him having a relationship with LeBron and doing him a solid by having Bronny around since he was like 10. This is obviously all pending the NBA not passing the new rule that you can come out of high school – so Bronny and LeBron can play together.

I'm throwing up just seeing the projection. Fuck Duke. Fuck K. Fuck LeBron.