Feeling Insecure About Eating A Hot Dog Or Any Dick-Shaped Food In Public? Well The Glizzy Gripper Has Been Invented Just For You!

I'll be frank, I started the blog off like that because it's a hot dog pun. Anyway, we live in a world where people may be insecure eating certain foods because they may look like genitalia. Did I use the word genitalia to make you feel uncomfortable in your cube or home to the point you looked around to see if anybody could see you were reading the word genitalia? Perhaps. But guess what?






Sorry, just having some fun with the G word on a Friday since I feel more comfortable saying genitalia than glizzy as an Old.

Anyway, I'd throw down a massive $1.50 Costco hot dog and wash it down with a liter of cola (free refills!) without thinking twice other than whether I am going to finish off my meal with a super delicious yet affordable $1 churro, which also could be perceived as a massive pencil dick. Does that make me a more secure person than others? Perhaps. I know Frank The Tank raw dogs in public all the damn time. But how would Chaps react to someone Photoshopping a penis where his rocks glass is?

Tweet it at him and let's find out! But don't tell him I sent you.

As for the rest of the people like Russell Westbrook who are comfortable enough to dress like an asshole on national TV but too scared to eat a hot dog in public (or the entrepreneurs in the thriving amateur porn business that want to give head without that pesky public lewdness charge), the Glizzy Gripper is here for you!

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Because as a wise man once said…