Why On Earth Is USA Hockey Tweeting About Gordon Bombay?

I gasped when I saw this picture. I suppose it is an anniversary worth noting, but NOT by USA Hockey. Not under any circumstances. People probably know who I feel about Bombay at this point. I think he's an alcoholic, drunk driving, wreckless, cheating, sexist, SCUMBAG who endangered the youth and fucked his player's single mother only to leave her at a bus station as he tried to revive a career that never was in the minors so he could bang townie bartenders in Souix Falls and Rockford. Simple-minded sycophants like Jordie will say he's a winner. I say he benefited from the Panthers getting the measels which is the only reason why he even made the playoffs to begin with. One thing you can NOT say about him is that he is a patriot. 

TREASON. His entire speech in the locker room was disgusting

It was the OPPOSITE of the Herb Brooks "who do you play for" speech/theme. Bombay Said we aren't goons, we are ducks. As if to say that wearing the red, white, and blue that many people have fought, died for, and worn with honor and pride wasn't as good as his gimmick. That is an astounding amount of arrogance from a self aggrandizing fuck who wasn't even good enough to coach at a prep school level. He is NOT someone who USA Hockey's official twitter account should be celebrating. He's a guy who should be #banned and/or deported. Send him to Iceland so he can continue to fraternize with the enemy. Here is a real American coach instilling pride and values in his players.