There Is Hope For The Future Yet. Sales Of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" Blew Up This Week Thanks To Viral Tik Tok Video

LA Times - The iconic rock band has seen its 1977 hit “Dreams” triple in sales and double its streams since TikTok user @420doggface208 uploaded his now-viral video over the weekend.

Before @420doggface208 — real name Nathan Apodaca — posted the video, “Dreams” garnered an average of 49,000 streams a day, Rolling Stone reported. Since Apodaca shared the TikTok, the classic track off of the album “Rumours” has been streamed an average of 105,000 times a day.

Sales of the song nearly tripled after Apodaca posted the video on Saturday, shooting up 184% by Monday.

Streams were up 127% on Spotify, the platform said, with a 242% increase in first-time listeners of the song. It also seems like the song was finding new (potentially Gen Z?) ears: Apple reported a 1,137% increase in Shazams for “Dreams” — as well as an overall streaming spike of 221%.

Apodaca’s TikTok traversed the internet, from TikTok to Twitter to Instagram, eventually making it as far as the members of Fleetwood Mac. “We love this!” the band tweeted from its official Twitter account on Saturday.

Don't give up on Generation Z just quite yet. 

Sure if China invades we're probably fucked. Hell, if China sends one of those electromagnetic bombs that shuts down all their phones we're even more fucked. 

But what they lack in nationalism they make up for in free marketing. Or "influencing" as the trendy ones call it.

This week we have another perfect example. 

This tik tok video, for some reason, I can never figure out how or why, goes viral. All the kids hear "Dreams" for what may possibly be the first time in their lives (awful parenting) and are hooked. 

That witch Stevie Nicks' voice is so enrapturing it doesn't matter the age or decade. You hear it, you're hooked.

So they head to spotify, apple music, and youtube and they can't get enough of it. 

They might not know what real work or struggle is, but at least they recognize what good music is. 

The irony of Carl posting a wake up blog dedicated to just how great a song "Dreams" is an hour ago is not lost on me.

And I know it's not random because he texted me twice this week about how great a song it is. He's been on a serious kick.

That's what happens with really good music. It's timeless. Its shelf life is forever. Not two weeks like the garbage pumped out today.

It's not these young tik tok kids fault they've never heard this stuff before. It's their parents. So let's get them on more Stones and Fleetwood and less Migos. (No offense Migos.)

As for the tik toker he seems like a nice enough guy. Real salt of the earth Idahoan whose car has seen better days, likes cranberry juice, and his longboard.

As for Apodaca, he seems to be doing well too: The TikToker told TMZ via video chat on Wednesday that he’s received over $10,000 in donations. He plans to gift his mom $5,000 of that money and is also “looking to get a new car.”

“I was coming to work and … my car, it just shuts off sometimes — the battery, I don’t know what it is, it just shuts off,” Apodaca told TMZ. “So it shut off, and I was like, ‘Man, I got less than, like, 15 minutes to get to work, what am I gonna do?’ I always have my longboard in there, in case I run out of gas or something.

“So I just jumped on my longboard. I was like, ‘I’ll just come back and figure it out after work.’ Started going to work, and then on my way to work, we have a little … turnpike off the highway. So then I decided this would be perfect for a video.”

The Idaho Falls, Idaho-based TikToker grabbed his Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry juice, “‘cause that’s my drink,” and hit the road. The rest is viral history.

I'd be doing us all an injustice if I posted a Fleetwood Mac blog and didn't include Big Cat's stunning rendition of "Landslide" from the going away party we threw him on the Anita Dee in Lake Michigan back in 2016. 248 men, 2 females, and Dan just crushing it on the mic -

p.s. -