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People Should Be Nice To White Sox Dave During These Difficult Times

MUSH!  STOP!  LEAVE WSD ALONE!!!  The White Sox lost, and so did WSD.  Take it easy on the champ.  Do NOT Tweet at him and tell him his life is over now that his team is through and call him a "Round Bastard". That's not nice. Be supportive.  Like take this photo here of our loyal mutt: 

Dante and Carl (aka Barstool's resident Billy Joel maestro) look on point per usual.  And you know what?  So does White Sox Dave. People need to stop saying he's of the "Neanderthal species" or he's "Teen Wolf, just without the talent and hygiene" or thought "at first glance I thought it was Blackface".  Leave Dave and semi-functioning Garden Gnomes alone!  It's not nice.  Dave is our friend. And that "Beard" or whatever has consumed his face is special.  Just like Dave.  

Now let's drag WSD through Verdanks per usual.  

Let's ride.