Carlos Ghosn, The Nissan CEO In Hiding From Japanese Authorities, Is Offering Executive Training Programs

(NY Post)--Fugitive auto honcho Carlos Ghosn has launched a new initiative to train budding business executives in his native Lebanon while he hides out from financial-crime charges.

The former Nissan CEO announced plans Tuesday to set up an executive management program at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik located north of Beirut, where Ghosn fled in December as he awaited a criminal trial in Tokyo.

Ghosn’s partnership with the school, dubbed “Moving Forward,” will also provide technology training and support for startups. It aims to help restore confidence in Lebanon as the nation grapples with a massive financial and economic crisis that was exacerbated by the horrific Aug. 4 explosion in Beirut.

What an ALL time villain. I am obsessed with Carlos Ghosn. This should've been the story of the year, but you know...everything else in 2020. We've talked about Ghosn twice on Dogwalk


Ghosn is the CEO who stole/embezzled HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi. The Japanese government had Ghosn dead to rights. He was placed under house arrest in his Tokyo hotel room while he was waiting to stand trial for these charges that he is ABSOLUTELY guilty of. What did Ghosn do? Oh you know, hire former American military members to fly to Japan, pose as a road crew for a music group, smuggle himself out of house arrest in a luggage crate, walk on to his private plane, and eventually settle in Lebanon where when Japan asked for extradition, Lebanon responded with...

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I gotta say…this is a class I would take as a top executive. I mean look, I am sure a Harvard MBA can teach you a lot, but fuck that because you can learn that stuff for a dollar fifty in late chahges at the public library. What you can't learn at Harvard or anywhere is what Carlos Ghosn knows. Any aspiring executive dreams of getting to the point in their career where escaping prison for a white collar crime via smuggling and a private jet with no flight log is a necessary skill. Who can teach you that? Who else but Carlos Ghosn can make a flight never officially land. It took off from Tokyo and flight records say it never landed. That is impressive. Only Carlos can make sure that you're the only person involved in his smuggling to escape prison time. It's him and him alone. Now he's in Lebanon willing to share his knowledge with the world. Something all the MBAs wouldn't even think to offer.