Ramon Laureano Dropped an F-Bomb During a Live Interview With ESPN While Manning Centerfield During a Postseason Elimination Game

The A's and White Sox are playing in a win or go home postseason game right now in Oakland. Naturally ESPN thought this was a great time to conduct a live interview with Ramon Laureano while he mans centerfield in the 3rd inning. It took all of two pitches for a ball to be ripped into the gap and cause Laureano to drop a nice f-bomb on live TV. 

Great clip, but holy moly this is wild. I'm all about live interviews during the game, but we got to do this during a postseason game??? Spring Training absolutely. Regular season I'm on board in the right spot. Postseason win or go home, do or die? WHAT?!?!?

The first four batters of the inning all hit ball to center field that required Laureano to either make a play or attempt to. That's baseball, Suzyn. We've got Jessica Mendoza asking questions about being the captain of the outfield while Ramon has to focus on making plays in an elimination game and these idiots gotta annoy the shit out of him. If I were him I'd completely ignore them. Take the ear piece out and just play defense. He's a class act and is handling this well, but come on ESPN what are we doing here? After a throw to home to try and get the runner that was too late they asked him if he thought he had a chance to get him there. I mean he threw the ball as hard as he could, what do you think? They should mic up the pitcher and ask him if he thought that was a good pitch after giving up a 487 feet bomb to the sun. 

As a fan of neither of these teams this is obviously amusing, but if I'm an A's fan and my team is down 3-0 in potentially your last game of the year I'd be losing my fucking mind. Fuckin ESPN.