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This Herd Of Elephants Helping A Baby Elephant Who Collapsed Is What We All Need To Start The Day


Big Cat is out at a bachelor party today and, not gonna lie, your stud super-sub Spags did not make great life choices last night that would lead me to be sharp and on point to start the morning. That’s just summer Friday life for all of us. But, in some ways, I’m the baby elephant here giving up on life and you guys can be my herd. Lifting me up to carry me to the finish line that couldn’t seem any further away right now. Be my herd, guys. Be my herd.


Seriously though there’s a decent chance that elephant died the second this video ended right? Collapsing in the middle of a road doesn’t seem like healthy elephant vibes but really the only elephant I know is Babar and he seemed like he had his shit together with the suit and everything. Also was he some sort of foreign dignitary based off him wearing a crown? Really I’ve just got a whole lot of elephant questions in need of answers right now.


(h/t Uproxx)