OF COURSE Michael Jordan Taunts Professional Golfers Mid-Round By Saying 'That’s Why You’re Not Playing The Major This Week’ After They Hit A Shitty Drive

[Source] - Bozzelli has played over the past few years, by his estimation, about 100 rounds of golf with the greatest basketball player in history, and he has routinely been heckled and chided by the ultra-competitive Jordan.

“Just like you saw in the documentary, he has ways where he’s trying to make you better,” Bozzelli said.

“He’ll start jabbing at me early,” Bozzelli continued. “If I hit a bad drive he’ll say something like, ‘That’s why you’re not playing the major this week.’ Or stuff like that. He keeps ribbing me. You either sink or swim there; he makes you do something about it, makes you dig your heels in. If that’s going to rattle you then you shouldn’t be playing pro sports anyway, but that’s just his way of telling you how to go after your weaknesses. You’re either going to keep hearing it from him or you do something about it. It’s fun."

All things considered this is the least shocking thing of all time. But this is great for a guy like Dominic Bozzelli, who is scratching and fighting to make cuts and tournaments. What's the best way to do that? You deal with Jordan just talking shit right off the bat. That's how you handle going up against guys like JT and Dustin and Rory and Rahm, etc. You don't need to work on keeping the elbow in or tempo or a more straight back and forth backswing. No, no. It's mental. That's what makes golf such a beautifully stupid sport and why I love it. It's all between the ears. I'm pretty sure if I had an ounce of confidence around the green I'd at least be an average chipper. But nope, 20+ years of not being able to chip has given me permanent yips. But if you can survive a round of this? 

Well, then I'm pretty confident I could chip like Phil. But this just goes to show how goddamn crazy MJ is and why we all love him for it. You think he gives a damn if he's talking shit to a professional in the sport they are playing? Nope. I assume when someone comes to fix like the pipes at his house, he just talks shit to the plumber. That's his form of motivation. I'd gladly go shoot a 90 with MJ in my ear if it meant it motivated me to fix my chipping yips. Gotta see this nut on the golf course, just gonna need someone to spot me A LOT of money.