Kyrie Irving Is Back To Throwing Shade At LeBron James

I know what you may be thinking. That I'm going to kill Kyrie for these comments because he also played with Jayson Tatum who has shown the ability to take and make big shots. No no no. This has nothing to do with the Celtics. I understand that this is what happens when someone is on a new team and is about to play with his buddy for the first time. You gas him up. But here's the thing.

LeBron James exists. 

Is Durant a better shooter than LeBron? No doubt about it. Durant is one of the best scorers the league has ever seen. But in a tight spot when your team needs a bucket late in a big moment, I'm pretty sure LeBron can get it done. He's only done that on the biggest stage on numerous occasions. I would almost argue that the fact that Kyrie clearly thinks he was the only one who could take those shots down the stretch is part of his problem. He has a tough time trusting his teammates or thinking they are on his level. Have some self awareness for me one time. It's OK to admit that you played with one of the greatest players ever and were only in a position to hit a huge clutch shot late in part because he went nuclear in that series.

I've heard enough of Kyrie's quotes to know that this wasn't just some random comment and that there wasn't intention behind it. Of course it was a dig at LeBron. This isn't to say Kyrie isn't clutch in big moments, he obviously is and he hit one of the biggest shots in NBA Finals history. But like...LeBron was also a monster in that game. Remember, LeBron had twice as many points in that 4th quarter of Game 7. 

All I know is the Nets are going to be fascinating to watch. From their new coach, to seeing what level Durant comes back at, to if Kyrie can finally stay healthy in a season. What happens if they don't succeed right away. It's going to be must watch stuff. I also think we should all circle the first BKN/LAL came because something tells me if LeBron hits a big shot down the stretch he is going to talk that shit. Especially if he's doing it as the defending champ. 

Next season cannot come soon enough.