Was Sneaking Into the Yankees-Indians Game Worth Being Arrested on National Television?

Wednesday was not a very fun day for any Indians fans, as Cleveland was swept out of the Postseason by the New York Yankees. But I'd imagine it was even a little less fun for these two guys who got arrested live on national television for sneaking into Progressive Field.

I think the second shot was a coincidence — ESPN kept showing a guy outside the ballpark who kept banging a drum all game — and then those guys just happened to be getting lead out in handcuffs as the camera slowly panned to their walk of shame. I don't think they saw the cameraman, so getting out of jail to find out the entire country saw you get perp walked out of the left field concourse has to be a pretty sobering morning.

But between the guy who snuck into Fenway Park a couple weeks ago and now this, how difficult is it to just waltz into these ballparks when no fans are supposed to be there? I'd guess it might be a little easier during the Postseason with select family and employees able to attend the games, but that still requires a host of knowledge of what to say and do in order to get in — assuming they didn't just slip through an open gate somewhere.

Regardless, imagine telling somebody a year ago that there would be people getting arrested in 2020 for going to Postseason baseball games. Not for being belligerent and causing a disruption or anything. Just for attending. Crazy world.