Wake Up With the Honest Trailer to ‘Firefly’

In a lot of ways, “Firefly” is like “Freaks and Geeks,” a show that too good for television. So it was canceled after one season. Then lived on in reruns and on streaming because it never lived long enough to have lousy seasons where they ran out of ideas.

Need god Joss Whedon created a perfect mash up of SciFi, Western, drama, comedy and war genres, stocked it with a great cast and filled their mouth with nonstop snappy banter. Plus, because it’s Whedon, hot chicks who kick all sorts of ass. Check out the clips in the second half of this video of early Christina Hendricks as Nathan Fillion’s manipulative ex-wife. She has superstar written all over her.

If “Firefly” had come out 15 years later, it would’ve been bought up by Netflix and we’d be on Season 4 by now. Fortunately we did get one landmark season and the excellent movie “Serenity.” And now the Honest Trailer it so richly deserves.