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Victor Oladipo Hopping On IG Live And Telling Fat Joe 'I Want My Name Amongst The Greats So I Need To Go Win Rings' Is So Goddamn Hilarious

Listen Victor Oladipo is a fine player. He's a borderline All-Star consistently. Listening to him say he wants his name amongst the greats is so fucking hilarious. It makes perfect sense he went to Indiana with this concept that they are elite and can really change the game. Dude you're not in the same level as Charles Barkley. You're more Dan Majerle. And I get athletes have this irrational confidence, but we're also 7 years into his career. We know who he is. He ain't one of the all-time greats, rings or not. 

But really this just goes to show that Oladipo is out with the Pacers. You're not winning a ring in Indiana. Just get that out of the way and admit you want to go play in Miami or something. You don't have to try and be coy about it with Fat fucking Joe. Again, you're Victor Oladipo, you're not some superstar demanding a trade or anything. People will listen and just be like okay, yep, whatever, he wants out.

Sidenote, Fat Joe needs a new name. You can't be Fat Joe if you lose all that weight. I need my Fat Joe to be this Fat Joe: 

That's the Fat Joe we need back. That Fat Joe wouldn't say it was a smart decision. He'd either a) roast him or b) recruit him for his favorite team. Skinny Joe compliments him.