Wake Up With Soon To Be NL MVP, Freddie Freeman Mic'd Up

SEE MLB, THIS IS WHEN YOU MIC SOMEONE UP! Freddie Freeman mic'd up in Spring Training this year was hilarious. It was great, and what made it good? It was during a Spring Training game, NOT IN THE MIDDLE OF A PLAYOFF GAME. I get it, we want access to all these players at all time, but why on earth did they mic up Justin Turner while he's in the field during game 1 of the Dodgers - Brewers last night. Do teams really OK that? Like why does Dave Roberts, a manger of a team thats chokeddddddd it away plenty of times in the past allow this to happen? I love mic'd up stuff, I love it all. Behind the scenes stuff is great, but man if I was a manager of a team in the playoffs and they asked if they could do this I'd throw that mic into a large body of water. But shout out Freddie Freeman too, guy is gonna be MVP and had a dope walk off in a great game yesterday.