Carlos Correa Thinks The Astros Shut All of The Haters Up Because They Beat The Worst Postseason Team In The History Of Baseball Without Any Fans

Congratulations to Carlos Correa. The Astros managed to take down a team that has lost 18 straight postseason games to advance to the ALDS. They did it. They also accomplished this impossible task with zero fans in attendance on the road. The courage. The bravery. The adversity they had to battle as they faced the music from cheating the game of baseball in everyone's face, getting caught red-handed, and then playing the victim card. How could they ever do it? All while going under .500 during the regular season and making the playoffs because they extended the postseason to 8 teams per league. 

That's it. The Astros shut everyone up. Unbelievable. That haters must be furious. 

You will not find a single person more insufferable on the planet than Carlos Correa. I know LeBron exists, I don't care. Correa takes the cake. I cannot fucking stand this guy. He speaks, I wanna cut my ears off and stab myself in the chest. 

P.S. I'm happy the Twins lost. Useless losers, just ban them from the postseason forever. I want the Yankees to take down these motherfuckers and no one else.