This Archer Can Shoot a Lifesaver Out of the Air and Needless to Say I Am Smitten

I don't know what it is about a woman who can handle herself with a bow and arrow. But there's something deep in the male psyche that makes it strangely compelling. Maybe it goes back to the ancient times when a woman who knew how to take down a wild animal could help provide food or one who could smite an enemy could keep the tribe safe. But regardless it's always been an attractive quality in cultures around the world. From the legend the Amazonian warriors to Mulan to Roman myths like Diana, Goddess of the Hunt to Guinevere in King Arthur to Susan Pevensie in "Narnia" to Katniss Everdeen, men have always been into the ladies whose hand is steady and whose aim is true. 

Which is why I want to be friends with this TikTok archery star ride out the apocalypse with her there to protect my sorry, feeble ass. Just try to imagine some random warlord trying to steal our supplies when she can take the middle out of a Lifesaver at 20 paces. If she can do that to a candy mint, she can do it to an eye. And put a pointy, flying stick of death into a man's heart from football fields away. 

Plus she can take out a Mentos:

The neck of a beer bottle:

Or a cherry tomato:

But it's more than just a question of my survival. To me, this is what love looks like. If I wasn't already spoken for, I'd ask her to run away with me. For now, I'll just settle for being protected by her.