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These Time Lapse Videos Of The California Wild Fires From Space Are Insane

First of all...I am sucker for these high-def time lapse videos. I don't care if it's tourism related or videos of aurora borealis from the International Space Station. They always play. 

This one though...yikes. The fire videos are always scary when you see the ground level ones like this

Seeing the sheer scale of these fires from fucking space blows my mind though. Smoke and ash just billowing over the Sierra Nevada mountains and blanketing the entire Western United States. Honestly horrifying in a way. In Chicago we had some incredible sunsets in September because of the way the sunlight reflected off of the ash that traveled like 2000 miles to get to us. This entire year has been nothing but plague after plague after plague. These fires are impacting over half the country and I feel like in order to hear anything about them you have to scroll to the bottom of any news site. Stepping back and seeing it from space gave me a greater appreciation of the magnitude of these fires. Absolutely horrifying in a year that has been non-stop scary.