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Woman Pulls Off the Rare Kick Flip Coochie Crusher

Get hit in the balls? Yawn. Seen it a thousand times. Wreck your vagina? I’m mildly interested. Mildly.

That being said, I need this video to go on longer. You can’t press stop at that spot. You gotta keep the video going. What happens next? For the fellas, you feel like your testicles are in your throat and your belly begins to swirl. The pain moves to other parts of your body. For the ladies, I feel like it’s more of a direct-location pain but I have no idea. As a non-vagina-haver, I’m am ignorant to the pains associated with the vulva. Where does she grab? Does she puke? Does she need ice or a hot bag filled with water? UGH I DONT KNOW!

I am, however, willing to learn and this would have been a great opportunity. Foiled. An opportunity was straight up foiled.

Anyway, speaking of skateboarding, I downloaded the refreshed (is that what it’s called?) Tony hawk game on ps4. That shit is harder than it used to be right? I used to grind, kick flip, fakey foot nose grind like it was no thing. Now, I’m lucky to do an Ollie off the wall without breaking my ankles like I’m guarding the Professor in And1 Mixtape volume 5. OH BABY! OH BABY!

Ps: the title always said off and not of