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White Sox vs. A's "Please Don't Let The Series Get To Game 3" Live Blog Is LIVE!!!

Unreal performance out of Lucas Giolito yesterday and I have a feeling Dallas Keuchel will come close to duplicating it tonight. He's got the post season success and as good as Gio was over the course of the 60 game sprint, Dallas Keuchel was by far their most consistent pitcher start over start. Never necessarily had a "fuck you" game where he went and threw a 2 hit shut out, but was good for 6+, weak contact, and limited runs surrendered start over start. 

Now, with that said, the A's are 11-3 against LHP this year:

But they put up that record in spite of these stats against LHP:

Must have been winning a bunch of 2-1, 1-0 ball games or some shit? No idea. 

Doesn't matter to me all that much. I love the Sox tonight and that's me speaking objectively. Sure there's not a lefty on the mound for Oakland, but as good as Bassit has been this year, he's around the plate a lot and that plays at least a little bit into the White Sox free swinging lineup's favor. He doesn't have the pure "shit" to generate a lot of swings on pitches off the plate, and swinging at pitches outside the zone is the White Sox lineup's kryptonite. He'll be around the zone, surrender contact, and hope his (admittedly awesome) defense does their job. 

I'm confident. Very, very confident. Take the Sox team over of 3.5 (this is crazy low to me) and then let's get ready to head to LA or wherever the fuck they play next. 

Go White Sox