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We Need To Keep Bringing Back Way More Hate In Sports Because Honestly It Feels So Damn Good

Goddamn does it feel good to hate again. I honestly missed it. It's also something we need more of in sports, especially college sports and even more especially when it comes to rivalry games. Kentucky/Louisville is built around hate. Louisville hates and I mean HATES that Kentucky is the state school. They hate people in Louisville even dare to wear blue. They want to be Kentucky so bad to the point we get fistfights in a dialysis center: 

But more importantly there has been a lack of hate - mostly due to a lack of Louisville winning, ever - in this rivalry. Pitino and Cal became too close to friends instead of the old days when they flat out hated each other. Hell, that's even happening now with Crean at Georgia and Pearl at Auburn. They are becoming too buddy-buddy instead of trying to ruin each other. And then came in Chris Mack, who was whatever. I liked Mack at Xavier. Kentucky fans didn't really care about him at all and life went on with Kentucky winning again. 

But that shit all changed yesterday when Mack went viral with that video trying to throw Kentucky under the bus. It immediately became the fuel we needed. I'm so happy he did it. I've been looking for a reason to get my blood flowing when it comes to Louisville again. They have just been another team Kentucky consistently beats and then cries about Kentucky. It was getting stale and old. But now? Oh that hate is rejuvenated. This feels like when Stevie Got Loose in Kentucky/Louisville football and the hate started even more. 

Give me more coaches trying to stir the pot, give me families of coaches talking shit, hell give me another media member and I'll gladly get into it with them. We need more of this. Sports are competitive, let's stop the friendly bullshit and get back to hatred. Fuck everyone who isn't a Kentucky fan. It's time to embrace the hate.