It's Completely Unfair To The Rest Of The NFL That Patrick Mahomes Is About To Have Dad Strength Now Too

Goddamnit. This guy is flat out cheating. CHEATING. Look at like Fred VanVleet, who had a kid, got hot during the playoffs, became a damn good starter this year and is about to make millions upon millions of dollars in free agency. Now we have Patrick Mahomes who already in 2020:

- Won a Super Bowl

- Got Engaged

- Signed a 10-year contract extension potentially worth $503 MILLION

And now adds dad strength. That's the last thing the guy who can do shit like this needs: 

Throw in the jump pass fakes, the no-look passes and *to quote Coley Mick* just being a silly goose, it's illegal. The Chiefs should have to throw to someone in a comment section at least once a possession for a quarter to balance it out. What they are doing offensively is fucking absurd, led by Mahomes. And he's 100% getting dad strength. It's not going to be some bullshit where he's not sleeping and changing diapers. He'll probably hold the kid strictly in his throwing arm so he gets extra strength there or something. I need him to experience shit that as a regular ass dad like me has to. Be half awake trying to get a bottle in the middle of the night. Burn yourself on said bottle. Lie to the kid's mom when you watch him that he 100% didn't run into anything or fall into shit. 

You just know this kid is going to be an athlete too. Assuming it's a guy just go ahead and put him in the NBA since we already had a Mahomes in the NFL and MLB. Just balance it out. Congrats or whatever to the happy couple. Really wish the Giants had a fucking fun quarterback.