Did Trysta Screw Her Team Over? We Have Our First Barstool Fantasy League Drama of the Year

This league!

Jeff D. Lowe has his first dust-up to settle as commissioner after quite a kerfuffle amongst Trysta, Tommy and Frankie. According to an anonymous source, their team suffered a heartbreaking loss after Trysta made an authoritarian ruling to start Falcons WR Russell Gage over Tommy's preferred wideout, Darius Slayton.

Gage was injured early in Atlanta's loss to Chicago and ended up with 1.7 fewer points than Slayton. Trysta, Tommy and Frankie's margin of defeat? Just over a point.

If this happened the way Jeff Lowe's anonymous source describes it, this is a tough move to come back from. I don't know how Trysta could be able to make any sort of decisions going forward for the rest of the season if she really did cost her team a loss with such an emphatic and game-deciding choice.

But I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens with this team moving forward the rest of the season and if they're able to bounce back. Regardless, this kind of discord is not what you want in your locker room just three weeks into a season.