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Evil 1, Good 0

I know the game isn't over but I'm declaring it finished. Take the players off the field. Shane Bieber gave up 7 runs tonight. He gave up 14 runs in the entire regular season. That's what kind of evening it was. 

And let me just get this out: it will be absolutely DEVASTATING if Bieber doesn't get to pitch again this season. A Triple Crown. The Cy Young winner. Doesn't even throw 5 innings in the postseason. Sad sad sad. But like, what is this Shane?

What a time to have your worst stuff of your season career. And when the Indians gave up 7 runs through 5 innings....shoot when the Indians gave up TWO runs through FOUR PITCHES, I knew it was over. You think this team had it in them to score 3 times off Gerrit Cole? This team can't score 3 runs in the Little League World Series and the 200 foot fences. And we were supposed to do it against one of the best pitchers on this planet? No chance. This game needed to be a 1-0 victory on a squeeze bunt in the bottom of the 9th. Aaron Judge ended it 4 pitches into the game.

What an embarrassing night. The only, and I mean the ONLY possible positive out of any of this is that we got our ass kicked so bad that we didn't have to blow the bullpen one bit. It doesn't matter if you lose by 1 or by one million like we did, a loss is a loss. And although we wasted our Cy Young, we didn't waste anything else. Back at it tomorrow. And I'll be the first to say it: folks, tomorrow is a must win game. Carrasco is on the hill and like always, we need a gem to even think about winning. Tonight we took a punch....actually we damn near got knocked out....but the fight hasn't been called just yet. One win tomorrow and we've got a Game 3 in Cleveland with the better pitcher on the mound. Just get us there.

My parting question for the Indians tonight is this: are you happy now? Are you happy you beat the Pirates and got the 4 seed? Did you get what you wanted? The Indians had a chance to play the dopey Athletics or the 17 straight postseason loss Twins. And we busted our ass to get the opportunity to play the Yankees. One of the best pitchers on this planet and one of the most dangerous lineups in the game. The fat lady isn't singing yet and the series isn't over, but this one is on the Indians if we're one and done. You gotta take a serious look at how we got here.