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Like The Good Little Brother And Second Tier Program They Are, Chris Mack Says Louisville Will Do What's 'Most Convenient For John And Kentucky' So The Rivalry Game Can Be Played

Finally! Finally a Louisville coach comes in and understands it. They are the second tier program. You should do whatever is convenient for John and Kentucky because that's what matters in this rivalry. People don't even consider it a rivalry because Louisville rarely wins. So credit where credit is due, Chris Mack fully understands that they are the second tier program and they need to adapt to Kentucky's schedule. 

Now, second, and arguably most importantly, us Kentucky fans finally have a reason to get fired up about Chris Mack. He was just this guy from Xavier who has a Shaq dunking tattoo on his ankle that took over because his wife's family is from Louisville. 

There was no hatred. But now? Now war has been declared. It will now be more fun than usual when Kentucky kicks Louisville's ass in the Yum Center, in the Sweet 16, at Rupp Arena. It doesn't matter. Louisville can't win in this rivalry. It's honestly laughable how one-sided it is. See you in the Yum Center, Chris. Credit to you for understanding and recognizing whatever John and Kentucky wants is more important in this series.