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Mid Match Eric Dier Left The Pitch To Go To The Bathroom, So Jose Mourinho Followed Him To "Put Some Pressure On Him"

To start off today's EFL match between Chelsea and Tottenham, Frank Lampard and Jose Mourinho got into it on the sidelines.

Mourinho of course was the manager of Chelsea when Lampard was playing for the club, on 2 separate occasions. Mourinho appeared to be angry with Lampard getting louder after Chelsea went up 1-0.

Managers get into it all the time, but what happened later in this same match was something I've yet to see in the beautiful sport of soccer:

For those who are confused by the video, Eric Dier was one of the 11 players on the pitch for Tottenham. He had to go to the bathroom so bad he ran off the pitch. Mourinho followed him. Why? To put pressure on him.


Mourinho....pure entertainment.