We Can Breathe, I Think: Chase Young's MRI Came Back "Better Than Expected"


And exhaleeeeeee (I think). Chase Young left Sunday's game with what they called a groin injury. He went to the locker room and later came out later in street clothes. He was seen telling a teammate "I'm fine", which could lead you to believe him being held out was cautionary, but we've also seen people say that and then get an MRI and end up having way worse of an injury than expected, so I never take "I'm fine" as gospel. Plus as we all know, groin injuries fucking LINGER. They just stick around for 7-8 weeks and never seem to heal. 

But as John Keim has reported, Chase's MRI was "better than expected", which allows me to exhale a little bit. Not fully, because it's still a groin injury, but at least a little bit.

But this begs the question- do you sit him Sunday vs Lamar Jackson and the Ravens? If there is one QB who can re-injure a groin injury, it's Lamar. As much as I'd love to see Chase...chase him, realistically do we really need that right now? I like being a realist and as much as I'd love to think we could shock the world on Sunday, it's probably highly unlikely. So do you give Chase another week to heal up and then have him ready to go at 100% at home on the 11th vs the Rams? 

I guess it will all depend on the damage, but I don't think we are winning the Super Bowl *this year* and I'd rather play it safe with the future HOF'er. Don't force it, don't re-injure it trying to stop Lamar from scrambling for his 4th TD of the game, and play the long game, not the short one. When it comes down to it, I'd rather him miss 1 game than the next 10.