Are Grown Men Allowed to Use Emojis?

Fellas, are we allowed to use emojis in 2020? Fellow blogger Matt Walsh does not think so.

Walsh made his feelings on emojis very clear, saying, "Emojis are for women and children. Do you think your great grandfather would have been caught dead using emojis if the internet existed back then?"

Ah, yes. The Greatest Generation would have never used emojis. They were too busy fighting wars and walking uphill both ways to school to possibly worry about an invention that was 70 years away. Makes sense.

To be totally honest, I can see both sides of this argument. I would be a little creeped out if I met a guy who used four emojis in every text, but I am certainly not opposed to a well-placed emoji every now and then. I suppose I'm against a hardcore stance one way or the other. The world has room for grey areas.

There are plenty of people staunchly in favor of emoji use, however, as evidenced by the messages Walsh received following his take.

See, I want to hate Walsh's take, but then I see things like that and it makes me almost hate those people more. I'm torn.

My official stance is I think anyone who so desperately needs people to know their hardline stance against emojis is probaby the biggest emoji user out there. I bet Walsh is sending dozens of emojis every day. He can't stop.

So what do we think? Can adult men enjoy the whimsical nature of emojis?