Antoine Walker Said Him And James Posey Put 'Miami On The Map' With How Much They Partied While Playing For The Heat

Alright, new podcast idea. Just let Antoine Walker and James Posey talk about partying in Miami. If Antoine Walker honestly, truly, 100% believes they put Miami on the map in terms of partying from an athlete standpoint, we gotta hear all about it. Because that would be the biggest accomplishment of their career. Not the NBA title, not being drafted, not anything in college. It's that right there. 

Just think about the shit you have to get into if you say 'you took Miami to another level' when it comes to partying. Not to mention the championship celebration at King of Diamonds strip club. Put me there. I know I 100% wouldn't be able to handle that party, even in my prime, but I just need to see this shit man. I gotta see how the rich and famous live after celebrating a title. 

Imagine walking in to a bar or strip club and seeing Walker drunk off his ass just giving the shimmy on the floor 

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Giphy Images.

Don't want, I NEED all the details of these parties with him and Posey. What a statement.