Karl Ravech Called BYRON BUXTON the Best Center Fielder in Baseball

As I had the Twins-Astros on in the background this afternoon, I heard it take Karl Ravech less than two innings to make the most ridiculous proclamation anyone will make this Postseason. With a routine fly ball hit out to center field, Ravech said, "The best center fielder in baseball Byron Buxton, a can of corn."

I'm sorry, what? BYRON BUXTON?!

I literally couldn't believe that's what he actually said. It's something so ridiculous that it's difficult to even know where to begin to refute it. I don't know if Karl has heard of this other guy in the American League who has put a few good seasons together named Mike Trout, but he's got a good argument to be made there. Or if you head over to the National League, there's a guy named Ronald Acuña Jr. who has put up some ok numbers.

Jack Mac said maybe Ravech meant Buxton was the best defensive center fielder in baseball, which is not what he said but would still be incorrect. Again, there's that Trout guy. I'm just taken aback how anyone could possibly think Buxton is the best anything in baseball. I mean, look at this guy's career numbers.

He has a career .719 OPS! What are we even talking about here?! Thirteen home runs and 27 RBI in 60 games is a solid season, but it most certainly does not the best center fielder in baseball make.

Glad to see ESPN's Postseason coverage is off to a great start.