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Let's Go Brett Rypien!!!!


I love when shit like this happens. It's almost like the world stops spinning and everyone goes "who???". It's Brett fucking Rypien, you assholes. Won 40 games at Boise State, ring a bell? Cousin of Angela Rypien, obviously. 

The real reason I'm excited for him is you never know when you're about to see the next Tom Brady. Dude just comes in out of nowhere, goes 8/9 and now gets a start on national television. What if he just lights it the fuck up and is the starting QB for the Broncos for the next 15 years? We might be witnessing history! It would also be awesome because John Elway has drafted no fewer than 18 different QBs over the last 4 seasons, and it would be poetic if Brett Rypien is actually the guy.

Or you know, he shits the bed vs the Jets and we get the Jets vs Broncos game we expected all along. I'm cool with either one. But I don't know, why not root for Brett Rypien? And if he doesn't work out...there's always the BOAT waiting in the wings. Win-win-win.