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Brendan Fraser Is Starring In A 10-Part Espionage Action Series

Commissioned by Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group) for streamer Viaplay, the cast includes Fraser (“Trust”), Tom Welling (“Smallville”), Elena Anaya (“Wonder Woman”), Saïd Taghmaoui (“John Wick 3”), Ken Duken (“Inglorious Basterd”), Lisa Loven Kongsli (“Force Majeure”) and August Wittgenstein (“The Crown”).

The 10-part series stars Welling as hardened former counterintelligence officer Captain Vincent Corbo, who is hired by billionaire futurist Peter Swann (Fraser) and his fiancée, medical visionary Dr. Graciela “Grace” Davila (Anaya), to investigate the explosion of an advanced medical satellite. What Corbo and his team discover, however, is that a combination of Swann’s business rivals, corrupt government officials and a shadowy crime syndicate could be behind the attack.

I have no idea how the news of this series slipped through my dragnet of google keyword alerts, but I could not be more excited to binge this series. Espionage-action is extremely my shit, and this has the cast AND the story to make it move for me. Here is a quick breakdown of those of you that may not be familiar:

I obviously don't need to introduce the king of kings, Brendan Fraser. He was Hollywood's darling before getting completely fucked over by a combination of alimony issues and and also being blacklisted after being harassed by the former president of the HFPA. 

Tom Welling you will probably recognize from either 'Cheaper by the Dozen' or 'Smallville', where he played one of the better renditions of Superman. He recently reprieved the role for the CW's 'Crisis on Infinite Earths', which was pretty cool.

Elena Anaya I don't know as well, but I did enjoy her character more than most of the ones from 'Wonder Woman'. She was also in 'Van Helsing, one of my favorite bad movies. 

Saïd Taghmaoui is also a recognizable face from 'Wonder Woman', as well as 'John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum', 'Three Kings', and 'House of Saddam'. I don't know much about the other two, but the point remains that I am pumped up to watch this show, even it sucks. 

Side note: Our interview with Fraser is still one of my favorite that we've done. At the beginning you can tell that he thinks our over-enthusiasm for him was some sort of bit, but by the end of it he understands that we just genuinely love him. Before he left, he was tearing up a little and gave me a big hug, which is a huge highlight of my life to be honest.