Call Me Old Fashioned But I LOVE A Fair-Ride Freakout

Feels good, dont it? There’s nothing like watching pure unadulterated fear rip across a grown man’s body especially when there’s nothing to be scared of. Whether it’s roaches, crickets, or a fair ride, if you lose it, I’m laughin. Faint and I’m blogging it. It’s as simple as that. 

This scene is no different. The set up from the carny. The slow and steady fear that begins to form on their faces like a zit before junior prom. The faint. My goodness, the faint. I could watch those eyes roll into the back of his head like he’s Reilly Reid trying to sell that “orgasm” a touch too hard. It’s just 

Pump it straight into my veins. In a world of internet shit that’s filled with politics, debates, and bad news, this is what I needed.

Good work, everybody.

Ps: don’t care if it’s old.