This Is A Bad Stanley Cup Take


This makes no sense at all. At all! If all teams are on an even playing field, with neither team having to travel, than the "no road games, no travel" argument holds zero weight. It makes it equally as tough for both teams, playing in a fucking bubble, to win the Cup. There's a reason literally nobody with a brain, in or out of hockey, are saying this year deserves an asterisk or anything like that. In fact, most are saying it was *harder* to win this year because the bubble fucking suckedddddd.



There was a long ESPN article where the players talked about how much the bubble sucked. The lack of food options, living in a hotel room, not seeing anyone besides teammates and players on the other teams that they wanted to kill, and much more. I don't think a single soul besides this Damien Cox feller would say what we just watched for the last couple of months was not "the real thing". I thought these playoffs were fantastic. It's a shame the Cup Finals were sort of buried underneath college football, the NFL, NBA playoffs, politics, etc, but the Stars were a very deserving team and Tampa fucking crushed it for the last couple of months. 

Hopefully nobody takes Damien Cox's word as gospel. Of course he's a 59 year old bitter "journalist" from Toronto. As much as I hate Tampa, nothing should be taken away from them as they just won a Cup in the midst of a pandemic. Just because they didn't have to board a plane every other day doesn't mean anything at all, ya jabroni. 

It was a great year of hockey, and now that the Cup has been awarded, it's officially the Caps Year again. Let's goooo!