This Photo of A Dude Proposing At Somebody Else's Wedding Is Going Viral




So this photo from reddit is going viral.  Everybody is freaking out about what a dick move it is to propose at somebody else’s wedding.  What a dick move it is to steal the Brides thunder like this.  I totally agree with that sentiment.  You absolutely can’t do this.  Just 1,000% asshole move.   But I will say I’m not surprised.  I feel like there are no rules with big girls when it comes to weddings.  I’m not even trying to be a jerk.   They just don’t give a fuck about wedding decorum.  They live their entire lives wondering if they’ll ever get married.  Beggars can’t be choosers.  So if that means their boyfriend pops the question at another chick’s wedding then so be it.  She’s not going to let that take her down.  This is now her moment.  Fuck the other fat chick who is her best friend.  There are no best friends in love and war.

Also as a sidenote I don’t trust weddings where the wedding party table is set up as a long table or separate table like that.  Leave that shit for TV and movies.  It’s not real life.  I’m sure lots of Stoolies have done it, but I flat don’t trust it.  The wedding party table should always look the same as all the other tables in the room. So combine a fat chick wedding with a long wedding party table and it’s no surprise they got upstaged at their own wedding.  They were basically begging for it to happen.


PS – For those of you wondering I can’t remember what kind of wedding table KFC had at his.  I think we were too far away to see it.