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Consider This A PSA To Anyone Trying To Mock Coach Cal During The NBA Finals

Here's the PSA: Fuck you. 

Let me expand on that. If you are out here trying to mock Calipari for winning just 1 title with Anthony Davis, Bam Adebayo and Tyler Herro playing in the NBA Finals, you are a grade A moron. Why? Well, first of all no one has more tournament wins than Cal since he took over Kentucky. He's the most consistent winner in the NCAA Tournament. That's just a fact. 

The people that tend to just watch the NCAA Tournament tend to forget how damn hard it is to win the thing. One game, one shitty game shooting, one buzzer beater, one bad turnover, you're home. It's bullshit to determine the best team or anything like that but it makes it the best way to determine a champion because of all that weirdness. It's how we get Loyola or VCU or Butler or George Mason making a Final Four. It's also like, you know, how did K not get out of the first weekend with Jayson Tatum? Or how did they lose to Mercer with 4 NBA players or how did they lose to Lehigh with 4 NBA players? How does Bill Self just have 1 title? 

And the notion he held Bam back or something is even dumber. Bam did exactly what he had to for one of the best teams in the country. He was the 3rd option on that team behind Malik Monk - an All-American and De'Aaron Fox - who was better in college than Bam was. What he did was let Bam showcase himself defensively and rebounding. Cal switched everything, letting Bam show his ability to switch and cover guards/wings. 

Also just fuck Luke Maye. That's how Kentucky has just 1 title. There's your PSA. 

Oh and I don't hate Spo here