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DEMOCRACY: Illinois High School Students Are Suing The Governor For The Right To Play Football

CHICAGO — Illinois high school athletes are turning to the courts to press their demand that Gov. JB Pritzker allow them to play this fall. The case could go before a judge Wednesday.

This is a story for everyone that loves to talk shit about American values and our system of government. For the people who want to cancel football at all levels and replace it with with competitive color guard. To all you anarchists and non-contact sport enthusiasts: go kick some fucking rocks. Try and tell me this isn't a powerful exercise in the world's foremost leader in protected Free Speech: 

Students protested Sunday outside Pritzker’s mansion

In some countries, protesting your overlord is grounds for an uncontested decade of surviving a labor camp. In America, you get the distinct privilege and opportunity to write about it in a 500-word personal statement for college. Although to be fair most of these kids would prefer an essay predicated on the unwavering brotherhood and camaraderie that comes from a state quarterfinals loss.

Illinois is the only state in the Midwest and one of 10 states that haven’t reinstated fall high school sports.  

Illinois blows. This is where a smarter blogger would complain about federal funding or the governor's DC relationships but honestly all I know is that this place blows and I feel awful for the kids. I swear on my life I hope they're milking this shit out of this:

The lawsuit states that pushing fall sports back to spring … has caused mental health issues for athletes and their families.

Outstanding move and I don't say that in light of mental health issues. I say that knowing that if you want to get modern courts to rule in favor of a bunch of teenagers, it never hurts to lean on mental health issues. That's just good lawyering and a solid allegation, especially if the judge has a couple varsity letters to his name. If he once knew what it meant to chase a 6A state title, then you better believe the boys are getting a favorable injunction.

Attorneys are filing the class action lawsuit in DuPage County court Tuesday. 

All you local subject matter jurisdiction experts should know that DuPage is a much better venue than Cook if you're coming at the governor. DuPage County has to shoulder so much bullshit. They'd probably love to get the boys back on the field. Shoutout DuPage County. That's WSD's home turf. They love high school football.

But the governor says he won’t be swayed by other states’ decisions. He’s stated repeatedly he’s not willing to sacrifice the health and lives of children and their families.

Sure thing. In the meantime let me recognize that this also applies to a bunch of other sports and obviously not just the boys. The reality of the argument is that many Illinois high school students are missing out on scholarships to other Midwest kids. Maybe not the superstars but so many of the traditional college athletes are going to get screwed out of opportunities and it's entirely on the governor's shoulders. Makes me sick that we're even sitting here talking about it. 

Do the right thing and let the kids play. 

PS - Worst case scenario, a Catholic League bubble at St. Xavier's with all the bluebloods would be phenomenal content. Idk who is in charge around here but someone write that idea down.