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Patrick Mahomes' Momma Didn't Raise A Half Billion Dollar Super Bowl Winning MVP Quarterback Just For You To Call Him "Pat"

Rob Carr. Getty Images.

1st round draft pick. League MVP. Super Bowl winning quarterback and the youngest ever Super Bowl MVP. Signed a contract worth a total of $503 million, the biggest contract in the history of professional North American sports. 

None of that matters. Because at the end of the day, the first thing Patrick Mahomes is, is Randi Mahomes' son. And considering she was the one who was carrying about the half a billion dollar man for 9 months before he was born, I guess she has some say on how his name gets called while he absolutely obliterates the Ravens defense on national television and looks like he's playing with a Nerf ball out there. Steve Levy has put a ton of time in and everything, but unless he wants to carry Patrick Mahomes inside of him for 9 months before calling his next Chiefs game, he might just want to listen to Momma Mahomes. 

Just goes to show you, boys and girls. It doesn't matter how old you are or how successful you might be. You could set countless records in the NFL, but you're still going to be that baby who needed his mom to change his diapers for him at one point in your life. Bobby Boucher knows what I'm talking about.