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Andrew Wiggins Basically Threw Karl-Anthony Towns Under The Bus And Said He Couldn't Handle Jimmy Butler

Oh man is that quote rich coming from ANDREW WIGGINS of all people. How could we forget that incredible Timberwolves practice from 2018. You know, when Jimmy Butler 100000% planned everything, went nuts on practice and basically called Wiggins and KAT a couple of pussies and then just so happened to do an interview with Rachel Nichols right after

in hindsight, yeah maybe Jimmy Butler had a point. Find the lie in anything he's said in either of his two previous stops in MIN and PHI. Those stars are soft and don't care about winning. But how about Andrew Wiggins here, basically calling Towns out and saying he was the main reason everything went down in MIN. That's a lack of self awareness that only Andrew Wiggins can have. He was every bit the problem, probably the main one if you ask Wolves fans, in MIN and his lack of giving a shit is 10000% a huge part of what sent Jimmy over the edge. KAT might be the softer one, the more sensitive one, but let's not pretend like Wiggins handled everything great. 

While it may be true that Wiggins never "had a problem" with Jimmy, that makes it sound like things were cool. No no, Jimmy very much had a problem with Wiggins because Wiggins doesn't give a shit. Or at least didn't while he was in MIN. But now that he's in a great situation in GS, of course he's going to throw shade! Granted he'll probably be traded in a few months, but for now when you are in one of the best organizations in the league you talk shit from your high horse. That's how things work nowadays.

Again, everything Jimmy Butler raged about when it came to the Wolves was ultimately true, but let's not pretend like Andrew Wiggins wasn't a huge part of it like he's making it seem.