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Just When I Couldn't Love Tyler Herro Any More - He Goes Out And Publicly Stuffs Paul Pierce Into A Locker

Here's the quote from Paul Pierce after Herro dropped 37 in game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals. You know that seems pretty good. Actually I can confirm it's very good. And the whole 'bucket' thing comes from him in college when he was talking shit to Arkansas who dared him to miss: 

So then fast forward after Tyler Herro drops 19 off the bench and hit big shots in the 4th quarter to end the Celtics season, he goes ahead and just adds one more dagger, this time to Paul Pierce: 

No big deal, just a solid 19.1 points per game for a 20-year old rookie off the bench in the Eastern Conference Finals. And I know Paul Pierce's shtick, which isn't really a shtick, is thinking he's better than everyone and just talks a bunch of shit. I sort of respect how his irrational confidence. More importantly I appreciate how incorrect he always is and how much people talk shit back to him. 

But this is about Tyler Herro. He don't give a damn. He'll talk shit then go drop 20 on you. He has the ultimate irrational confidence and it's why he's so damn good. He's now the present and future for the Heat along with Bam Adebayo. Not a bad 1-2 combo to build around. He's just the best. 

And just in case Celtics fans or Paul Pierce forgot: