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The Heel Turn We Needed: Jay Williams Says The Clippers Firing Doc Rivers Smells Fishy And Kawhi Had To Play A Major Role In The Decision

Listen, I'm a Kawhi fan. Love watching the dude play and the way he goes about the game. That said, if this Clippers team stays together this is the heel turn we needed. Kawhi is too cool and more importantly too likable for the Clippers team. They are easy to hate. Paul George, Pat Bev, Montrezl Harrell, Marcus Morris are all dudes that people tend to hate. But there was always the caveat that well Kawhi is there. If Kawhi gets this heel turn and really embraces the villain - unlike what LeBron did in Miami - we could really care about the Clippers.

Now as for the move? OF COURSE Kawhi had to play a role in this. I know the reports came out that said part of the reason Kawhi wanted to be a Clipper was to play for Doc Rivers, yada, yada, yada. That may be true for last year, but shit can change. Remember there was this report after the Clippers blew the 3-1 lead: 

You don't think Kawhi could have been pissed at that along with him sucking and Paul George looking even more pathetic to close out the series? Doc is a fine coach, but he's always been a bit overvalued since the Celtics title. He got a pass for a couple years because of that and then during the previous Clippers era there was always some sort of excuse. They had to go through the Warriors. Chris Paul got hurt. Whatever it was, he was able to get by with minimal people calling for his job. That changes when you have Kawhi in his prime. 

And I know Kawhi forced his way out of San Antonio but that was also an injury fight. This? Oh this is beautiful. Now that said, if the Clippers make changes to the team, which they probably should, it won't matter as much. But if they keep the dudes that the majority of people can't stand, Kawhi was the final piece to the Clippers turning into nWo Wolfpac with the Lakers as nWo Hollywood. 

Wolfpac is still an elite entrance song.