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Congratulations To The Lightning On Winning The Stanley Cup. Their Playoff STINK Has Hereby Been Transferred To The Nashville Predators

Congratulations to the Lightning. They were the best team in the NHL all last year and got absolutely smoked by a bigger, meaner, tougher, team in the Columbus Blue Jackets. How did they answer? They went out and got tougher. Pat Maroon helped and they just dug deeper as a team. Perfectly built. They have everything. Norris defenseman, elite goaltending, a ton of offense, another shutdown guy in McDonough. They're basically perfect. They filled their holes. Changed their attitude and lost their stink. The playoff disappointment stink that they had acquired from the Capitals. Now, it is my duty to transfer that playoff stink. There were a few candidates, but one rises above the rest like a pathetic lonely, non-championship banner...

Loser franchise through and through. Can't get around it. Went big with PK Subban and Ryan Johanssen trades and it flopped. They'll be good enough to disappoint their fans who are just happy to be there as they have an excuse to drink on Broadway. Hate to see it because they were such a darling, but it's not working for them and their window with their defensemen is closing. The stink.