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Wake Up With Johnny Carson And Doc Severinson Cracking Each Other Up Over Divorce On The Tonight Show

Doc Severinson led the band on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson for over 25 years and was, in my opinion, one of the greatest third mics of all time. He only chimed in when he knew his line was going to crush. He didn't fight for airtime or talk over anyone, he simply did his job and he did it spectacularly. Occasionally, Johnny would call him over to the couch and the two of them would yuck it up. The clip I posted above is from 1979. The conversation started with Thanksgiving and ping ponged between that and divorce for about ten minutes until it cut out. The chemistry between the two of them was incredible. At one point they were laughing so hard Johnny actually started crying... 

Simpler times. Sorry if this blog is a little "old" for you, but it's a classic and one that I love. Told you I was nerdy about this stuff. Have a great Tuesday, friends. 

PS: Doc is still alive and kicking at 93 years old. What a legend.