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LaMelo Ball Is Practically Begging Teams To Not Listen To His Dad So The Warriors Can Draft Him 2nd Overall

And there it is. It was only a matter of time before LaMelo said something like this with the Combine coming up and team interviews happening. It's not secret that LaMelo is a top prospect in this draft. Hell, you can't even really argue about that. He's a 6'8" guard, with elite passing ability, great handles and can score despite an inconsistent jumper. There is no one in this class that has improved more than LaMelo. Him going over to Australia was the best thing for him. He played in a decent pro league, against guys that had some run in the NBA. More importantly he produced while over there. That says a lot, no matter what you think about the kid or his family. 

And now he's out here saying ... the 100% smart thing. Can't teach that. Now he's referencing this quote from LaVar back in June: 

Just a crazy statement for LaVar to make, even if it doesn't crack his top-5 craziest statements. I get that maybe you don't want to see your kid buried offensively with Klay and Steph in the backcourt, but uh, your kid gets to play with Klay and Steph. That seems like a pretty damn good thing to do. LaVar knows what he's doing here. He speaks up directly about shit like this hoping that it scares a team like Golden State away.

Now I'm not saying LaMelo prefers to play for the Warriors or anything like that. Just that you don't want to fall in the draft because your pops keeps running his mouth. Also would you rather play for the Hornets or Warriors? Yeah, give me the 2nd overall Warriors and maybe not being the lead option as much. 

It's still so weird to see the Warriors have a top pick. Seems unfair honestly. I am curious to see what they do. I think James Wiseman is the best fit and makes a ton of sense for how the Warriors like to operate. His knock is being lazy/not caring about the game, but you put him in the Warriors system and that's a massive help to that. Feel like if they don't take Wiseman they should just trade down. Try to find a vet that can help you now since the Warriors are fully in win now mode. Not like they need to worry about a rebuild or shit like that.