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Doc Rivers Is OUT As The Head Coach Of The Clippers

Well this is interesting. I only say that because it was just 12 days ago that this was reported by Chris Haynes

The two stars — Leonard and George — are under contract for one more year, and then they each have player options for the 2021-22 season. Rivers is rightfully being criticized for his lack of adjustments in the series, but discourse on his job status is premature at the moment.

Playing for Rivers was a major component in Leonard joining the Clippers. Rivers will be running it back next season, sources said.

I wonder what happened. I'm pretty sure he had a year left, so maybe if he knew they weren't going to extend him he asked to be let go now? Did someone like Kawhi tell the owner to fire Doc or he would opt out? Does ownership know one or both of Kawhi/George is opting out after next season and therefore they don't need Doc? 

Obviously it wasn't the best look that his title favorite team dropped three straight after having double digit leads and blew a 3-1 lead, something Doc has more experience than any coach in doing. But he's not a bad coach. This is obviously something you don't do unless either he didn't want to coach anymore or the star players wanted him out. Seeing as how they have a lot of roster questions to answer this offseason, things aren't looking too good in Clipper Land right about now. 

For a guy who didn't want to stick around in Boston for a rebuild, his options of potential teams that aren't in a rebuild is pretty thin. There's what, the Sixers? The Rockets? I can't imagine the Rockets would be interested, not exactly their style of coach unless they plan on rebuilding, but then if that's the case why would Doc go there.

And for the record no, I do not want the Celts to swap Brad for Doc. All set there.