If Phillies GM Matt Klentak Keeps His Job Philadelphia Should Go On Strike for the 2021 Season

This was tweeted at 1:32PM this afternoon, and what followed was really a treat to the fans of Philly sports twitter.

It has been a very tough couple of weeks for Phillies fans. After losing 7 of the final 8 games of the season, the Phils fell one game short of the eight seed in the National League. Some of the stats that have come out about this 2020 squad, and especially the bullpen, are absolutely comical. 

I mean those are painful tweets. Every single one hurts more than the last, and the man behind it all is Matt Klentak. After an epic collapse in the 2019 season, it was pretty evident how bad the Phillies relief pitching was. They ranked 23rd in the league and had no signs of promise. Instead of addressing said issue in the offseason, Matt Klentak did nothing. Not until the regular season when panic mode ensued. After realizing his massive mistake, Klentak went out and traded valuable assets for the names: David Hale, David Phelps, Brandon Workman, and Heath Hembree.

8.56 ERA. That is the production we got from our panic mode midseason moves. That is what Matt Klentak did for this team in 2020. Not to mention, the DEBACLE that is the JT Realmuto situation. 

2 years ago Klentak traded the Phillies far and way best prospect, Sixto Sanchez, to the Miami Marlins for JT Realmuto. Since then Sixto has gotten called up and has been compared to Pedro Martinez and JT has played zero playoff baseball games.

This is the 22-year-old, Sixto Sanchez looking like one of the greatest right handed pitchers of all time, and he was traded for a valuable 2 years of JT Realmuto. Which looks to be completely fair value to Matt Klentak.

This man can not be running a successful baseball team. The Phillies were an absolute joke in 2020. It was embarrassing to watch, and if nothing changes in the front office, it will continue to be embarrassing to watch. That is why it just shouldn't happen. Phils fans will agree with me when I say, this team will not be worth watching in 2021 if John Middleton refuses to make a change. Boycott the Season!

…I know I'll still watch but I surely won't be happy about it.